Welcome to Coonawarra Experiences

Welcome to Coonawarra Experiences

Hi everyone and welcome to the Coonawarra Experiences blog page.

We wanted to set up a blog to give you a greater view of the Coonawarra region and what goes on here from week to week. We hope that this will help you decide what kind of Coonawarra experience you'd like to have when you next visit this fantastic area.

As we mentioned in the about us section Kerry and I have been coming to Coonawarra for many years and initially for the Coonawarra Vigernons Cup. A premier country horse race meeting is held in January each year that incorporates the greatest array of local wines we've ever seen. We were blown away by the level of professionalism in setting up the event and the fact that the local vignerons were pretty much running the entire show. You are exceptionally well fed and watered with a huge number of activities that appeal to all comers even if you're not particularly a racing fan.

The best aspect of cup day (apart from the wine and food) is the camaraderie that exists within the marquee. Each vigneron is represented in the venue and it is a day for the locals and non-locals alike to get together and let their hair down in a really fun environment.

If you're keen to get involved in next year's cup celebrations ensure you sign up for updates via the Coonawarra Vignerons website. Once ticketing information is released, be quick as the event sells out in record time.

Moving on from the Cup, Kerry and I continued to come back to Coonawarra many times to experience the various seasons and vintages as well as forming strong relationships with the people here to the point we decided we wanted to make this magical place home.

We couldn't be happier living where we do now and look forward to promoting the region, people and of course the produce and wines that are quite rightly famous.

Each week we'll look to keep you updated with what's going on in the area and hopefully provide a window into what is happening in the vineyards during our tours. Every day is different and who knows what you'll get to experience when you join a day tour with Coonawarra Experiences.

Please visit our tours page to select the type of tour that will suit your needs.

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